Remote troubleshooting

You have a problem on your computer but you with more or less access to INTERNET?

Remote Troubleshooting Thanks to a software that you can download by clicking on the image, we can see on our screen in real time what happens on yours and use our keyboard and our mouse to solve the problems of your PC. Most computer problems can be set remotely!
Unlike in-shop troubleshooting, you can see all the manipulations performed by your operator on the screen, which ensures the confidentiality of your sensitive data.
Our software does not require any installation and you can disconnect at any time with a single click.

Without your permission, any connection is impossible!

Remote computer troubleshooting in 3 points is:
... Faster
... Cheapest
... Everywhere

RATE: 20 € the breakdown, limited to 30 Minutes *

* Subject to availability of a technician.


CCleaner  is intended to optimize and clean the system.
The software removes unused files from your hard drives, targetless shortcuts, ActiveX controls, help files, registry entries, and more. in order to free up space and improve Windows loading. CCleaner is also able to erase any trace of your web browsing within seconds. The application deletes temporary files, history of visited sites, cookies, forms, etc. CCleaner supports Internet Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. Finally, the program can remove temporary documents from many applications, such as eMule, KaZaA, Google Toolbar, Office, Nero, Acrobat, WinRAR, etc. This new version is 64-bit compatible.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware allows you to combat malware, spyware, spam, and other trojans. You can perform a quick or advanced search, quarantine detected malicious items to remove them. Complete, heuristic analysis screens your documents, registry, and system files. The malware signature database is updated regularly for optimal protection. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware allows you to edit a detailed report at the end of each scan


DROPBOX Place your files in Dropbox: you can view them on your computers, phones or tablets. Edit documents, add photos automatically and share videos from anywhere.


AdwCleaneris a free tool to remove:   

  • Adware
  • PUP / LPIs (potentially unwanted programs)
  • Toolbars (grafted to the browser)
  • Hijackers (hijacking the browser's start page)
  • It has a search mode and a delete mode. It simply uninstalls itself with the "Uninstall" option.

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