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A good computer is a computer that fits you well, that's why we assemble a pc that fits your needs at a lower cost. We choose the best brands on the market to guarantee the reliability and robustness of the machines. We prepare all our computers so they are ready to use without being forced to buy extra software.

  • No antivirus valid for 30 days but a FREE antivirus for life
  • No Office Packs valid for some time but a version of Word and Excel 2010 Free and Legal
  • Standard components found at any reseller.

  • Assamblage

    As we are computer troubleshooting technicians, we know the main fault and trap to avoid.
    Nous pouvons tout prendre en charge : We can take care of everything:   

  • Building your computer.
  • Installing software for your needs.
  • Recovering your data from your old computer.
  • Antivirus protection.
  • Delivery, installation, start-up and your Internet connection at home.
  • Website creation

    Declik Web

    We realize websites tailored, powerful and evolutive thanks to powerful tools.
    The price of a basic site does not cost more than 350 € and is quickly updated by the user and can also be supplemented by a lot of options (e-commerce, forum, multilingual, calendar management , etc.).
    Do not hesitate to contact David for a free estimate at

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    You just want a presence?

    We offer a Free directory service to reference your company with your address or a page dedicated to your business with address information, schedules, photos, etc .... From 30 € TTC / year
    This Directory is in constant connection with Facebook : Click HERE to discover the directory.

    Need a Quality Host?Click here.
    Help mobile

    Smartphone & tablet repair

    Need to have your smartphone or touchpad repaired ?
    This is possible with the Mobile Help network at Declik Informatique.

    « Repairs are made with original parts and warranted for three months,
    Most of our interventions are carried out in 72 hours and we offer free the loan of a replacement laptop during the repair. »
    On the price side: the change of a window for a smartphone, for example, is made from 49 €, depending on the models.

    Business management


        Control your business!   


    With Gestan, follow your customers and contacts, quotations, invoices and orders, your work time, your products and stocks, your tasks, your accounting ... Gestan is available in three versions: Gestan Standard, freeware , which is ideal for managing a business activity, Gestan Enterprise , dedicated to users with more extensive needs, and Gestan Cloud companies with high mobility constraints. These three versions respect the fundamental principles of Gestan: ease of handling, reliability, efficiency, integration, intuitive and uncluttered interface. This is important, for a software used every day!
         (Gestan is also available as Installation CDROM )   

          Some functions of Gestan, enterprise management software:     
    • Customers and business relationship management, e-mailing;
    • Shared Agendas, Schedules;
    • Projects, tasks and work time;
    • Quotes, Invoices, Orders, BL, etc;
    • Memberships and payments;
    • Accounting writings;
    • Products and stocks;
    • Supplier rates;
    • Intervention cards; Ingredients
    • Multilingualism of parts (12 languages);
    • And much more ... (obviously!)


       PhotoFiltre 7 is a very complete image editing software. It makes it possible to simple or advanced settings on an image and apply a wide range of filters. His simple and intuitive use offers a quick grip. The toolbar, which provides access to to standard filters by simple mouse click, gives it a friendly side. PhotoFiltre 7 also has a layer manager (with Alpha layer), customizable brushes, an automation module and lots of other powerful tools.   

       Click here to download it.

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